Matt and Zach Roloff Reconnect on Little People, Big World: Is the Feud Over?

Even if watching it all air out on Little People, Big World is making the feud worse, viewers are also seeing sweet moments. Matt and Zach Roloff have been at odds for some time. It’s not just about selling some land. There are deep emotional wounds. But there are also good times. There’s nothing like

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Matt Roloff: Okay, Here's Why I Haven't Proposed to Caryn Chander… Yet

The countdown is on for Matt Roloff. And he knows it, too. The Little People, Big World star has been dating Caryn Chandler for years now and has openly talked of late about proposing. It seems like a sure thing that these two will one day walk down the aisle… it’s just become increasingly difficult

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Caryn Chandler: Peace Out, Roloffs! I'm Moving to Arizona!

According to a brand new report, the rumors are true. And reality for Caryn Chandler is that she’s simply sick of all the ongoing Roloff drama. Back in early November, we reported that Chandler was planning to quit Little People, Big World amid awkward tension between her long-time boyfriend, Matt Roloff, and his immediate family

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Zach Roloff: Little People, Big World is Making Our Family Feud WORSE

Fans don’t really know when Zach and Tori Roloff will leave Little People, Big World. It feels like the writing is on the wall. For months, Zach has expressed his vocal displeasure amidst his feud with his father, Matt. Now, he’s admitting that he resents how much of this is playing out on reality television.

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Matt Roloff: Screw My Family! I'm Glad I Tried to Sell the Farm!

Matt Roloff has been on quite the journey over the past six months or so. First, in May, the father of four announced he was selling 16 acres of his famous farm. Then, shortly afterward, he was on the receiving end of a scathing rebuke from his typically-reserved son, Zach, who blasted Matt as a

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Matt and Zach Roloff: Is the Feud Still On? Is There Any Hope for Reconciliation?

It’s been nearly six months since Zach Roloff stunned the Internet. Back in May, the Little People, Big World star stirred up what we believe to have been his first-ever controversy when he reacted in extreme anger to something his dad said online. Not long after Matt Roloff announced a portion of his farm was

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Matt Roloff: My Farm is Off the Market! Please, Please Rent It!

Matt Roloff has had a change of heart. Or, more likely, a change of his bank account. Back in May, the Little People, Big World star announced that 16 acres of his farm were up for sale. The decision sparked outcry from various family members, most notably son Zach Roloff, who labeled his dad as

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Roloff Farms: No Longer for Sale! What the Heck is Going On?

We have a significant update on the state of Roloff Farms. As many celebrity gossip followers know at this point, Matt Roloff put 16 acres of this property up for sale back in May, stating at the time: “It’s time to move toward the next season of life.” This was Matt’s decision to make, of

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Little People, Big World Season Premiere Date: REVEALED!

Little People. Big World. Huge news. On Tuesday, TLC confirmed that one of the longest-running reality shows in the history of this genre will return for a 24th season. We even know when new episodes of Little People, Big World will premiere. On Tuesday, November 1 at 9pm ET/PT, Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff and Zach

Matt Roloff: Yup, A New Season of Little People, Big World is Coming!

Can’t we all just get along? Yes, according to Matt Roloff. Late last week, the Little People, Big World patriarch shared an unexpected photo of himself at his family farm… celebrating the property’s most lucrative and popular season, along with a handful of loved ones. There was girlfriend Caryn Chander; son Jacob, his young son

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