New Poll: Republican Mayra Flores Has Higher Net Favorability Among Hispanics Than AOC

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) Newly elected Texas Republican U.S. Rep. Mayra Flores has a higher net favorability among Hispanic voters in the U.S. than U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), D-New York, according to a new poll. Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo said his firm teamed up with polling firm, WPA Intelligence, “to conduct a

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Democrat Rep., Sitting Beside Adam Schiff, Says Republican Mayra Flores 'Stole' Texas Election

Democrat Representative Vicente Gonzalez, sitting beside Adam Schiff – a member of the January 6 House committee – claimed Republican Mayra Flores “stole” a special election to fill the vacant seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District back in June. Gonzalez’s comments, a stark demonstration of hypocrisy especially considering the company, were made at a “vote

GOP Candidate Cassy Garcia Lampoons VP Harris And Jill Biden: 'My Pronouns Are Ta/Co'

First Lady Jill Biden’s recent “taco” comment and Vice President Kamala Harris’ perpetual ridiculous comments are providing comedy gold for those still brave enough to follow politics. The most recent hilarity comes from Texas GOP Hispanic congressional candidate Cassy Garcia, who combined Jill Biden’s comment with Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent over-the-top political correctness. Check…

Democrat Advertiser Uses Crude Racial Slurs To Attack Newly-Elected Hispanic Republican Mayra Flores, Calling Her 'Miss Frijoles'

The thought of what is likely to happen to them in November has Democrats scared to death. And when they get scared, they run back to that old tried and true playbook.  That’s what appears to have happened in a strange case in Texas, involving newly-elected Hispanic Republican Rep. Mayra Flores, Democrat Congressman Vicente Gonzalez,…

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Hispanic GOP Rep. Mayra Flores Perfectly Nails Jill Biden’s ‘Taco’ Comment With A Simple Graphic

Newly-elected Republican Rep. Mayra Flores is settling into her new job quite well, proving she can dish it out when she needs to. Flores found her own way to illustrate not only the absurdity of First Lady Jill Biden’s recent comments referring to Hispanics as “tacos,” but also to point out the disastrous effects her…

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Democrats See Big Trouble After Stunning GOP Win In Border District

Texas Democrats are picking themselves up off the floor following Tuesday night’s earthquake victory by Republican Mayra Flores. Flores won a special election in Texas’ 34th Congressional District, which borders Mexico and has not seen a Republican representative for over 100 years.  Now, Democrats, especially Hispanic Democrats, are sensing disaster in November, and are pleading…

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GOP Flips Democrat House Seat On The Southern Border: 'Red Wave Officially Started'

If Democrats in south Texas weren’t a bit sweaty from the 90-degree heat, after Tuesday night, it’s a good bet they sure are now. Republican Mayra Flores beat Democrat Dan Sanchez in a special election to fill the vacant seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District. So what’s the big deal? Texas’ 34th CD is on…

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