Liberal 'Journalists' Use VERY Similar Talking Points to Downplay Hunter Biden Censorship Bombshell

Left-wing so-called “journalists” responded to Friday’s bombshell internal file release showing Twitter executives deliberately censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story at the behest of the President’s campaign with weirdly consistent and specific talking points. While Musk’s revelations were unwisely dumped on a Friday evening, (the old “Friday news dump”) no doubt most consumers of real

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan Shocked to Hear Black People Are Allowed to Vote

MSNBC is proof that the beloved cartoon Looney Tunes has been rebooted as a live-action television channel. But, all kidding aside, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear something obnoxious from this self-purported news channel.  This time the example of blatant insanity comes from “Morning Joe,” where a spirited debate between Mehdi Hasan

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Unleashed Elon Musk Crushes 'Lovely People' At MSNBC After Host Claims Republicans Are 'Pro-Neo Nazi'

Elon Musk mocked Mehdi Hasan and MSNBC after the network host suggested Republicans were expanding their far-right, “pro-neo Nazi” ranks, and the Tesla CEO was poised to hand Twitter over to them. It was a faux-outrage diatribe that would have made even Joy Reid blush. Hasan began his ridiculous commentary by saying the far-right is…

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