Meri Brown and Janelle Brown: We Gave Up Our Own Money So Robyn Could Buy a Mansion!

The financial situation of the Brown family is something of a mystery. And that makes sense, considering it’s a family consisting of one man with multiple wives and no traditional source of income. Here’s what we do know: the family has a joint account where they all put money to pay for group purchases and

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Meri Brown Fires Back Against Christine-Related Criticism: I'm Not Her, Okay?!?

Meri Brown would like to have a word or two with her critics. Okay, fine. Maybe a word or two dozen. In a sneak peek at the November 27 episode of Sister Wives, this cast members take a moment to address some very pointed criticism that has come her way. Meri Brown snapped this selfie

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Meri Brown: I'm Sticking with Kody and That's Final, Haters!

If you’ve caught any episode of Sister Wives in the past, say, decade, then you’ve probably noticed that the relationship between Meri and Kody Brown is not the best. If you’ve watched in the past five years, then you’ve probably noticed that it’s an absolute dumpster fire of a marriage. Things weren’t always this way

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Kody Brown: Meri Who?!? I'm Not Even Married to That Person!

Kody Brown is down to three Sister Wives. We’ve known that ever since Christine Brown announced just under a year ago that she was leaving her spiritual husband after well more than two decades as a couple. Here’s the thing, though: To hear Kody tell it, the above statement isn’t even accurate. He really only

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Meri Brown on Christine Brown: She Betrayed Us All!

Meri Brown won’t be able to hold back on this Sunday night’s new episode of Sister Wives. In a sneak peek posted by People Magazine, Christine Brown will tell her fellow spouses that not only is she leaving Kody… but she’s already bought a house in Utah. The reaction to this news will be pointed

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Meri Brown: God Wants Me to Be With Kody, Okay?!?

For the duration of Sister Wives Season 17, attention has been focused on Christine Brown’s decision to walk away from Kody Brown. This past Sunday night, however? The storyline shifted at least a little bit to Meri Brown’s decision NOT to do the same. The former couple got married way back in 1990, only to

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Meri Brown: I Love My Life! Seriously! For Real!

Meri Brown lives a weird kind of double life. In one life, the life she documents on social media, she’s super happy, travels all the time, has good friends, and is just pumped to be alive. But in the other life, the one we see on Sister Wives … well, it’s kind of the opposite.

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Meri Brown: Kody Gave Up On Me, But I'm Cool with It!

Meri Brown gets it. Meri Brown knows what Christine Brown is going through. When it comes to a loveless and intimacy-free relationship, Meri Brown has Christine beat by a number of years — she hasn’t slept with Kody in a decade! But there is a major difference between Meri and Christine, as will be illuminated

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Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Thinks Meri Should Just Leave Kody

On this Sunday’s brand new episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown will sit down to delve into Christine’s decision to leave Kody. But the conversation won’t simply focus on this single failed relationship. At various points, it will shift to where Meri stands with Kody. And it will feature Robyn wondering why

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WHOA! Kody Brown Tells Meri to “Marry Another” in Stunning Sister Wives Trailer

Kody Brown is already down on spiritual spouse. And it now sounds like he’d be totally cool adding to that tally. In a sneak peek at the remaining episodes on Sister Wives Season 17 (released online by People Magazine), Kody is dealing with the fallout from Christine’s decision to walk away from her marriage. But

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