Op-Ed: Sen. Josh Hawley Outlines a Conservative Path Forward

By John Hendrickson | Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation Writing in The Washington Post, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) argues that “the old Republican Party is dead.” Senator Hawley was reflecting on the disappointing midterm election results for the Republican Party and is arguing for a new path forward which centers on an American First policy agenda. “As

Congress Trying to Ram Through $50 Billion More for Ukraine Before GOP Takes Control of the House

Lawmakers from both parties are reportedly seeking to lock in a staggering $50 billion in additional military aid for Ukraine before a new Congress is sworn in this January. The move is yet another indication that your elected senators and representatives no longer view the American people as their top priority, but rather, the government

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America First vs. America Last? Ukraine Splits GOP Between America First And Neoconservatives

While Democrats struggle to put together a coherent message about what they stand for prior to the midterm election, Republicans are dealing with an internal rift of their own. Foreign policy has been a flashpoint since the emergence of Donald Trump as a force in the GOP – particularly his policy of America First. The…

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