Rail Strike Would Aid Joe Biden’s War on Coal

By Duggan Flanakin for RealClearEnergy Remember that rail strike that President Biden saved us all from just in the nick of time – right before the November elections?  It was in late September that Pal Joey announced a deal between rail companies and union negotiators that staved off a “real economic crisis.” As Joe himself explained, “The alternative

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Why America Loses Wars

By John Waters for RealClearDefense Clausewitz tells us to measure society’s strength by whether we achieve victory on the battlefield. Victory entails not just destroying the enemy’s fighting capability or claiming his territory, but achieving certain political objectives. American politicians have shown a willingness to end wars without achieving their objectives. In other words, they

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Democrats Never Admit Defeat

By J. Peder Zane for RealClearPolitics The only thing as wrong as the pre-election predictions of a red wave is the post-midterm analysis declaring a rousing victory by the Democrats. Midterm election results boost Biden 2024 hopes, Reuters reports. Democrats can’t rest on their midterm success, declares a column published in the Hill. Perhaps the most

EPA to Spend $13 Billion on 'Environmental Justice' and Climate

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClear Policy The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has $13 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act to fight “climate crisis” and advance “environmental justice” and is asking the public for ideas on how to spend it, according to Fox News. The funds give people “the unprecedented opportunity to make lasting progress to equitably

Pennsylvania Republicans Blew It. Now What?

By Athan Koutsiouroumbas for RealClearWire A trope commonly used in both dating and sales is that “No response is a response.” Some interpret the lack of a response as indecision, resulting in a strategy of trying harder and louder. Effective organizations and leaders understand, however, that no response is a clear, albeit quiet, notice of

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Biden's HHS Giving $4.5M to Train on 'Implicit Bias'

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy The Department of Health and Human Services is awarding $4.5 million in grants to public colleges to train maternal health providers in implicit bias. The grant summary states, “the purpose of this program is to address implicit bias among maternal health care providers to reduce health disparities and improve maternal

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Why Does ‘Election Denier’ Apply Only to 2020?

By Mick Mulvaney for RealClearPolitics There are many insights to be gained, lessons to be learned, and stories to be told about the 2022 midterm elections. One, however, has not a single thing to do with any candidate or policy. It has to do with words. We all know that words matter. This is why

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First Migrant Bus from Texas to Philadelphia Should Arrive Today

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) Texas is sending its first bus of illegal foreign nationals to the so-called sanctuary city of Philadelphia, Gov. Greg Abbott said. It’s scheduled to arrive at William H. Gray III 30th Street Station Wednesday morning. “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has long-celebrated and fought for sanctuary city status,” Abbott said

Faulty FBI Data Obscures Successful Defensive Gun Use

By John R. Lott Jr. With crime such an important issue, Americans depend on the FBI for accurate data. The crime data for 2021 is a mess, with almost 40% of law enforcement agencies around the country not submitting any data to the FBI. In California, 93% didn’t report crime data. In New York, 87% didn’t. Cities

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Lost Retirement: Why 401(k)s Are Not OK (and Not Just Because of the Lousy Economy)

By John F. Wasik for RealClearInvestigations Fretting over your 401(k) lately? For all the current turbulence in these retirement plans – from their rocky recent market performance to asset managers’ politicization of their investments through the “environment, social and governance” agenda – the main problem lies in their flawed design decades ago, a range of

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