Republican Leader John Cornyn Attacks DeSantis After Florida Governor Says America More Important Than Ukraine

Republican Senator John Cornyn again lobbed criticism at Ron DeSantis after the Florida Governor suggested the Ukraine-Russia conflict is not a vital national interest to the United States. DeSantis made the comments last week in response to a questionnaire submitted by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The Governor suggested that “peace should be the objective”

Inflation Continues To Outpace Wages, Data Shows

The Center Square By Casey Harper (The Center Square) Inflation has outpaced wages for nearly two years, federal data shows. A closer look at federal wage and pricing data shows workers are making less overall as the price for all kinds of goods and services rise faster than average hourly wages. The U.S. Bureau of

Biden Regime Rejects Any Russia-Ukraine Ceasefire… if China is Involved

The White House has voiced hostility to any efforts by Beijing to mediate a ceasefire in the conflict as Chinese President Xi Jinping prepared to visit his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for the first time since the weeks before to war breaking out in Ukraine. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is expected to come up

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In New Record, Biden Requests Billions To Advance Gender Agenda Worldwide

The Center Square By Casey Harper (The Center Square) President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget proposal requests billions of dollars to advance his gender and sexuality agenda around the world, allocating far more taxpayer dollars to that than dozens of other spending priorities, such as stopping fentanyl from being smuggled across the southern border. Biden’s budget request

DeSantis Says America's Interests Are More Important Than Ukraine, Infuriating Warmonger Republicans

Governor of Florida and potential Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis remarked that the Ukraine-Russia conflict is not a vital national interest to the United States, causing former Representative Liz Cheney to accuse him of siding with Russian president Vladimir Putin. DeSantis’ comments came in response to a questionnaire submitted by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

New York Times Claims 'Pro-Ukrainian' Group Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines

If you are a conspiracy theorist or a fan of international intrigue and mystery, then perhaps the biggest Golden Egg is the question: Who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines? Last September, explosions rocked the Baltic Sea, decimating the Russian pipelines that would deliver fuel to Germany had they not invaded Ukraine. Initially, fingers bizarrely pointed

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Into Ukraine's President Zelensky During CPAC Speech: 'Leave Your Hands Off of Our Sons and Daughters'

Politics During the third day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene used her speaking time, during a speech before and audience of conservative activists from across the country, to go after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent remarks regarding America’s further involvement in the conflict against Russia. Greene firmly said

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Country Star Brad Paisley Teams Up with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on New Song 'Same Here'

Politics On Friday, country music superstar Brad Paisley released a new song titled Same Here dedicated to people of Ukraine which features none other than the voice of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself. On this one year anniversary of the invasion, I'm reminded of the ways we are all so similar.Here is the first song

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Republicans Demand Oversight Of Ukraine Funding

Politics By Casey Harper (The Center Square) The Russian invasion of Ukraine hits its one-year anniversary this week, and lawmakers want to know: where has all the money gone? With $113 billion allocated by Congress to help Ukraine in the past year, House Oversight Committee Chair U.S. Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., sent a letter to the

Why This Teenage Ukrainian Refugee Prefers a War Zone to American Public Schools

Even though I graduated from high school over 20 years ago, I still have a few vivid memories from my school years. I was bullied like I think most people experienced at some point for various reasons; being too smart, not being smart enough, being poor, being fat, being a nerd. While school years have

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