Why America Loses Wars

By John Waters for RealClearDefense Clausewitz tells us to measure society’s strength by whether we achieve victory on the battlefield. Victory entails not just destroying the enemy’s fighting capability or claiming his territory, but achieving certain political objectives. American politicians have shown a willingness to end wars without achieving their objectives. In other words, they

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Report Reveals U.S. Government's 'Secret Wars' Worldwide, Some Even Hidden from Congress

Last August, we all watched as the last American troops left Afghanistan after 20 years of the forever war on terrorism. Suppose you were to ask the everyday American citizen where American troops are fighting wars today. In that case, you have a fair shot of being told, “nowhere.” Suppose you asked those citizens where

Is The End Of Days Near? All Signs Point To…Maybe?

As we dive into the last quarter of the calendar year, one can’t help but start to reflect on how things have gone so far. Unfortunately, I think we can all agree: 2022 has been pretty rough.  Sky high gas prices, baby formula shortage, the war in Europe, and the return of low-rise jeans. I

Officials: U.S. Secretly Conducting Operations Against Russia In Ukraine

We seem to employ an excessive number of unnamed officials in our government across almost every agency you can think of. Recently anonymous intelligence and military officials have been circulating whispers again that the United States has intelligence assets and military personnel on the ground in Ukraine. But more than just being present, they are

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Grim Warnings Of Possible Nuclear Destruction Has Us Humming 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It'

We may be teetering on the brink of mutual destruction rather than the balance maintained for decades known as mutual deterrence. You don’t have to take my word for it; the United Nations, scientists, and the ever-lasting Henry Kissinger think so, too. Between Russian President Vladimir Putin’s passive-aggressive nuclear threats, China’s increased military exercises, the

Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Met With Cheers From Republicans, Handwringing From Military Brass

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may or may not be traveling to Taiwan soon. Initially planned for April, the trip had to be postponed due to the Speaker coming down with COVID.  Word of the possible future trip has put the Pentagon and Biden administration between a rock and a hard place and has made Congresswoman…

CIA Has Been Operating Secretly In Ukraine, Say 'Current And Former Officials'

This week President Joe Biden is in Europe for the G-7 Summit, where discussions about Russian sanctions and Ukrainian aid will undoubtedly be front and center. The West has been attempting to balance assistance to Ukraine, staving off a World War 3 scenario with Russia, and a worldwide economic crisis with looming food insecurity in…

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China v. U.S. War Game Highlights Disastrous Weaknesses In Our Military Might

NBC’s Chuck Todd held a mock war game on “Meet the Press Reports,” facilitated by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) between China and the United States. The war game was set in 2027, with three rounds of strategy between the Blue Team (United States) and the Red Team (China). The results were…

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Marco Rubio: What’s Next In Ukraine? Americans Deserve A Plan

By Senator Marco Rubio for RealClearPolitics Last night, the Senate advanced $40 billion in military, economic, and humanitarian aid to support Ukraine’s effort to repel Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion. Much of that spending is incredibly important – not only will it provide direct security assistance to Ukraine, but it will also replenish depleted U.S. military…

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Why Are U.S. Officials Bragging About Acts of War Against Russia?

Many news watchers have been struck by the sudden change in tone coming from U.S. officials in relation to the war in Ukraine in recent weeks. The New York Times published an article claiming that intelligence shared by the U.S. had helped Ukraine kill Russian generals in some cases. Another report came out this week…

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