The government of Ukraine is ready to introduce a ban on the import of some goods from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, if these countries do not agree to lift the unilateral ban on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products.

Source: European Pravda, citing Denys Shmyhal, Ukrainian Prime Minister

Shmyhal noted that the government offers the EU and neighbouring countries a compromise: Ukraine will introduce control and verification measures to export four groups of goods.

Quote: “We will provide the EU and neighbours with customs data on the export of specified goods and collect data on the final destination of shipments in the electronic queue system. Our key proposal is the introduction of a verification system for the export of specified agricultural goods to five EU member states. We are discussing this proposal with the European Commission,” Shmyhal said.

Ukraine also submitted a formal request to Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia for violation of WTO norms. In addition, Ukraine is starting an anti-discrimination investigation against the unfriendly actions of these countries in the trade sphere.

“If Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia do not agree to the measures agreed with the European Commission, then Ukraine will introduce mirror or mutual trade restrictions. The most important thing to remember is that we are all on the same side. On the side of European values and democracy,” Shmyhal emphasised.


  • On Friday, the European Commission announced it will not extend restrictions on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine after 15 September, but Kyiv has agreed to take measures to limit imports from its side.

  • Despite this, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia decided to introduce unilateral restrictions.

  • Ukraine filed demands with the World Trade Organisation for consultations with Slovakia, Poland and Hungary which banned the import of Ukrainian agricultural products.

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