Republican Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has confirmed that he will meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday, 21 September, but refused to promise him Congressional approval of further funding for Ukraine’s support.

Source: McCarthy during a briefing with journalists on Tuesday, 19 September, as reported by European Pravda.

Details: McCarthy said, when he was asked whether during the meeting with Zelenskyy he would promise to approve additional funds for aid to Ukraine, “Was Zelenskyy elected to Congress? Is he our president? I don’t have to promise him anything”.

Quote: “I have a question for him [Zelenskyy – ed.]. Where is the accountability regarding the funds we have spent? What is his plan for victory? I think these are the questions that the Americans also want to know,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy emphasised that he considers Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to be “wrong” and “atrocious” and seeks to end it.

“But at the same time, as I said from the very beginning, I want accountability for what our hard-working taxpayers’ money is being spent on. And I want to know [Ukraine’s – ed.] victory plan,” McCarthy added.

Background: Zelenskyy announced his arrival in the USA on Monday evening, 18 September. There, in particular, he will hold talks with US President Joe Biden, leaders of the Congress chambers and parties.

Zelenskyy’s visit comes at a time when the US Congress is considering the White House’s request for additional US$23 billion in aid to Ukraine. But the approval is still uncertain, as there are serious disagreements in the Republican Party on the issue.

Part of the right wing of the US Republican Party, led by Donald Trump, claims that the United States is giving Ukraine too much aid and should focus on domestic priorities.

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